IBM revealed its most powerful quantum computer to date at the IBM Summit 2022 on Wednesday. Known as “Osprey,” the 433-qubit processor has the biggest qubit count of any IBM processor and is thrice the size of the company’s previously record-breaking 127-qubit Eagle processor.

According to the latest release, the Osprey processor can run multiplex quantum computations way far away from the computational capability of any other classical computer.

IEEE Spectrum passed on that both Eagle and Osprey have separated wires and other components needed for readout and control. According to the release, this multi-level wiring assists the processor to incorporate fragile qubits from disruption.

Reducing the cost is important to scale up

The latest processor’s control electronics comprise of a cryo-CMOS controller chip that was implemented by making use of a 14-nanometer FinFET technology that runs at roughly 4 Kelvin (-269.15 degrees C).

It recruits an application-specific integrated circuit design that is less heavy and power-hungry than previous field-programmable gate array method. “Instead of about 100 watts per qubit like we required before, we only required about ten milliwatts, so we can fit far more qubits onto a chip,” Dial said, as it makes use of an application-specific integrated circuit design that is less heavy than previous approaches.

All these advancements “have reduced costs”, which is a vital consideration as we scale up. “With our very first era of five and 20 qubit devices, we required a whole rack of control electronics, and with Eagle, we make out 40 qubits per rack. Now we can command more than 400 qubits with one rack of equipment,” said Dial.

“We are without any interruption mounting up and making progress in our quantum technology across hardware, software, and classical integration to meet the enormous questioning of our time in conjunction with our partners and clients worldwide. This work will show foundational for the coming generation of quantum-centric supercomputing,” added Gil.

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