Teenager Wins $400,000 For His Brilliant Video Explaining Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity…

For the Breakthrough Junior Challenge (BTJC), which allows adolescents between the ages of thirteen and eighteen (13-18) to share their curiosity and passion in math and science with the world, Ryan Chester of North Royalton, Ohio, submitted a video.

Over 2,000 submissions came from 86 different countries for the competition. Ryan Chester succeeded in seizing the lead and brilliance after being down to one of the final fifteen (15) qualifiers.

In addition to filming, editing, and producing all of the visual effects and motion graphics for his video, Ryan Chester also penned the narrative. In all, he received $400,000, of which $250,000 will go toward a scholarship, $50,000 will go to Richard Nestoff, his finest teacher, and $100,000 would be used to build a scientific facility at his school. Cool!

All I can say is that after seeing Ryan’s wonderful video below, you’re going to feel very, very smart. Ryan will explain the really difficult but fantastic connection between the speed of light and time dilation.

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