For as long as we can remember, galactic disks and flying saucers have always been the subject of theories and conspiracies. Other than the numerous reported sightings over the years, there are also traces of them all over ancient ruins and artifacts.

Among these disks is Peru’s metropolitan museum’s interesting and enigmatic artifact. Despite the efforts of both the scientific community and the public, we still have no idea where this artifact came from or why it was made. This disk is simply known as the “Galactic Disk”.

It is easy to see where the name came from if you look at the artifact. After all, it has a striking resemblance to the galaxy where our planet is found.

As it stands, there is no conclusive answer to what this disk is for. But, if it turns out that this was meant to be a replica of the Milky Way Galaxy, it would alter our perception of previous civilization at the very core. What’s even more mind-boggling is that there seem to be distinctive marks on the disk that shows where we are in the galaxy.

This is an astounding coincidence. And, if the theory is that this disk is a replica of our galaxy, then that mark on the facade of the “Galactic Disk” is where the Earth was exactly thousands of years ago.

The “Galactic Disk” that is seen in the sky from time to time is a phenomenon that has caught the attention of many people, including scientists and those who are not into science. This phenomenon was first theorized by scientists back in the 1850s and has been discussed in a science fiction book. It is said to appear during solar eclipses or with comet exploration missions such as Rosetta’s comet mission on board the Philae lander. The “Galactic Disk,” which appears much like an aura, can be seen around us at all times and can be observed with different objects, such as stars or planets.

In the early 1900s through 1950s, scientists thought they understand galaxies. They studied stars in detail and determined their brightness and color to figure out what type of galaxy they were in. In the 1960s however, astronomer Fritz Zwicky noticed something strange about galaxies – their mass was concentrated in their cores. Their mass distribution just didn’t make sense to them. Nobody knew what could cause this phenomenon until the Kepler mission discovered thousands of planets around other stars.

One such galactic disk is called the Galactic Disk of Andromeda, which has been baffling scientists for a while now. The original findings were announced in 2016 and made international headlines. But scientists now say this object actually doesn’t exist at all.

Other theories are less fascinating but still as mind-blowing nonetheless. One of these is that it is supposed to be a replica of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) from an alien civilization that made contact with humanity in the past.

According to this belief, this would have been made by a very ancient culture in ancient India. And it is believed that the old myths about “the gods descending on Earth” actually point out the extraterrestrials on the UFO.

For now, we have no definite answer to which theory is correct. Regardless, finding out the origin and purpose of the Galactic Disk is sure to shake our understanding of humanity in the past.

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